PRICING: Admission to the McQuarrie Memorial Museum is free.


Tours are available upon request.  Groups over 15 will need to be scheduled for a tour in advance.  Please call 435-628-7274 and leave your contact information to schedule a tour.  
Tour Information:  Maximum size of a tour group is 30 at a time.  School tours need to stagger the classes.  One adult for every 8 children to supervise, that can be a teacher or parent.  If teacher wants to coordinate the lesson material with the tour guide, we need at least 2 weeks to prepare the material.
Tours can be arranged for family reunions and specific family histories, artifacts and photos can be highlighted.  Please give us at least 2 weeks to prepare.
We would like to arrange school tours on Wednesdays when the Museum is normally closed.  We can arrange other tours after hours as needed.