We are OPEN with a limited schedule.  Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM.We recommend that visitors wear masks but they are not required.  Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available.

Hope to see you soon!!

What’s New At The Museum?

We have been busy during the lockdown and have new displays and some new additional items added to our Pioneer Collection.


We recently discovered information about several Military jackets that we have had on display for years that we are very excited about.  Apostle Erastus Snow owned and wore two jackets that we have on display and we discovered through research and examination by experts that one is a Nauvoo Legion jacket that is very rare and unique.  In fact we believe it is one of a kind!  The buttons on it show N.L. Life Guard which was a group of men who were bodyguards for Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith.  It was made in 1840-45.  Very special find for our collection.  Another jacket worn by Erastus Snow was a Brigadier General Uniform for the Militia.  He served in the Utah Militia in Southern Utah.  We even have a picture of him wearing this uniform in front of his troops.

Two of our beautiful silk dresses are in individual cases.  They are such a wonderful example of Pioneer ingenuity and determination.  Those ladies grew the silk worms and made the silk fabric for their dresses.  It took a long time to get a new dress.