At the annual Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) Convention held by the Washington West Company on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Valerie King, Honorary Chapter Regent of Color Country Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution (DAR), St. George, Utah, presented to the McQuarrie Memorial Museum (Pioneer Museum) Board of Directors, the prestigious DAR Historic Preservation Recognition Award. This award recognizes and honors an individual or a group that has done recent remarkable volunteer work preserving history at the community level. Historic preservation includes, buildings, landmarks, monuments, cemeteries, historic districts, statues, museum collections, manuscripts, documents, and archival materials. It also includes photography collections, and serving as historical guides, interpreters, or docents.

The award was received by Jeanine Vander Bruggen, President of the Museum Board of Directors, along with the other members of the Board.

Not only did DAR recognize the efforts by DUP Museum Board, Staff, and Docents, but a letter of recommendation was submitted by Mayor Michele Randall, expressing her appreciation for the work done by the DUP in preserving our pioneer history “under the roof of the McQuarrie Memorial Museum.”  The building, dedicated in 1938, is considered one of our historic “destination” sites for both residents and out of town visitors. Loren Webb, President of the Washington County Historical Society (WCHS), praised the positive changes made inside the Museum giving it a fresh look. As part of the desire of DUP Museum Board to expand their influence in promoting the history of the area, members supported the opening of the Pioneer Courthouse next door, under the direction of WCHS. The McQuarrie Memorial Museum Board members set up a display and supported all the activities held in the building. It has been a great partnership with the WCHS in teaching the history of the area.


We recently re-discovered a pioneer dress that had been tucked away in a wardrobe in Room 3.  Having a Historical Costumer look at it we found that we had a very unique and rare piece of history.  This faded work dress was made in the 1830’s and has been altered for many lift changes and patched and repaired numerous times.  This was a dress worn daily and was not elaborate in any way but was a valuable wardrobe piece.  The pioneer settlers came to Washington County in 1853 and to St. George in 1861, this dress was old when they first came here and it has survived to become a part of our collection.  The stories it could tell us just boggle the imagination. 

Please make a point to come and see our newest display.  Pioneer Dress #885 in Room 4. 

What’s New At The Museum?

We have been busy and have new displays and some new additional items added to our Pioneer Collection.

Here are some short videos telling the stories of some of our collection.  Click on the link to watch the video.

Christopher Riding Display

Weaving Loom in Room 4

Cotton Industry in Southern Utah

Silk Industry in Southern Utah

Friendship Quilt Story.  How it came back to St. George

Musical instruments, Bass Drum and Piano

Rare and unique Military Jackets and Militia items

Stories about items in Room 8.  Sewing machine, dress pattern and Native American items.


The McQuarrie Memorial Museum Annual Report is available. Annual Report 2020-2021