List of Washington Company Camps
Below is a list of the camps for Washington Company and the meeting date and time, if you need more information please contact the company President.
Washington Company – President, Linda Lees – 801-633-2024
  1. Atkinville Camp meets at the Sun River Church, St. George – 3rd Monday at 10 AM
  2. Centennial Camp meets at the Morningside Stake Center, St. George Р2nd Monday at 1 PM
  3. Cotton Mission Camp meets at Brigham Road Church, St. George Р2nd Monday at 1:30 PM
  4. Dixie/Manomas Andrus Camp meets at DUP Museum, St. George – 2nd Thursday 1 PM
  5. Fort Pearce Camp meets at Ft. Pierce Church, St. George – 2nd Monday 1 PM
  6. Sunflower Camp meets at DUP Museum, St. George – 1st Monday at 10 AM