Washington Company Officer Training Seminar is going to be held on July 28, 2021.  Time and location to be announced.

Washington Company Installed new Company Officers on May 26, 2021.

Company President, Linda Lees; Judy Peterson, Company 1st Vice President; Dana McConnell, 2nd Vice President (not pictured); Valynn Jorgensen, Recording Secretary; Annette Moore, Corresponding Secretary; Diane Purser, Treasurer (not pictured); Shauna Niederhauser, Registrar; Lynette Poulsen, Historian


Sept 14 – Centennial Camp Officers Installed by Diane Purser, Company Treasurer.

  Laurine Cihak, new Camp Captain,  Julie Brinkerhoff (not pictured), Ann Evans, 2nd Vice Captain, Lucinda Dennis, Secretary, Liz Rogers, Treasurer, Ondrea Turnbeaugh, Registrar.


August 22 – Training Seminar to be held at the Museum at 10 AM