What is a Docent?  It is surprising how often that question comes up but a DOCENT is a guide, hostess and storyteller.  A Docent also has responsibility of ensuring the safety of the collection, the building and visitors during their shift.

To be a Docent requires training and that is provided by the Docent Director several times a year and these scheduled training sessions are announced through the DUP Company and Camp meetings.  NEW videos are available for basic Docent Training.  These are for new members but also a refresher for members who have not served in a while.

There are several documents that are needed by the Camp Docent leaders and they are listed below.  Click on the name of the document and you can download the file.



A good review of Gift Shoppe Sales Transactions before you serve as a Docent.  Just click on the title and the video will start playing.  To go to the next video you will need to come back to this page and click on the next title.  If you click on cc (closed caption) at the bottom of the video you will see the text displayed.  A Cash Register Training Cheat Sheet is available by clicking here.