Pioneer Museum HISTORY

 Through the generous donation of Hortense McQuarrie Odlum, the McQuarrie Memorial Museum was built in 1938.  We are known as the Pioneer Museum in St George.  Hortense along with the Daughters of Utah Pioneers organization directed the Museum to be built to house the pioneer relics, photos and histories of those stalwart people who came to settle Washington County under the direction of Brigham Young beginning in mid-1850s.
The Museum is owned and operated by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) Companies in Washington County, Utah.  DUP members volunteer their time to manage and maintain the museum and serve as Docents for visitors from around the world.  Donations contributing to the large collection with the walls of the Museum came and still come, from descendants of those pioneers who lived and worked in this harsh area.

HOURS: Open daily, Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM.  Closed Sunday and Wednesday.

Admission is FREE!

 Group tours available! (click here for contact information)

 What’s Available?

 Photos of relics, copies of histories and copies of photos can be made available.  View index for each by clicking below:

Want to visit some historical sites?

View the descriptions and locations of the Historical Markers and Monuments of Southern Utah. (click here)
There are 128 markers and monuments established in Southern Utah by the DUP and the Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP).

Want to learn more about the history of Southern Utah?

The book “Under Dixie Sun” is a history of Southern Utah prepared by Daughters of Utah Pioneers and is available for purchase.  Look to see if any of your ancestors are in the book.  Check the index by clicking here.

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